Reviews for Leah​

Legally Blonde

Macaroni Kid, City of Pittsburgh


"And I can't forget to mention the musical number "Whipped into Shape." This song was choreographed with jump ropes and I was extremely impressed with their endurance during this dance number. They were singing while jumping roping and to me it looked like they never broke out into a sweat. I LOVED IT!"

Beauty And The Beast

​The Examiner

"The performances are brilliant. And I do not use that word lightly. Or often. As Belle, Leah Zahner has a solid voice and pristine beauty that suits her perfectly as the headstrong girl who understands what it means to be “different.”"


​Pittsburgh City Paper

"Leah Zahner has the privilege of soloing "Day By Day," Godspell's only lasting super-hit, and she belts it beautifully."

Out in Pittsburgh

"[Leah Zahner], who sang “Day By Day” has an incredible voice that made that simple song shake the rafters of the Byham Theatre."

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